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6 Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Word that a woman is pregnant can bring forth a variety of emotions, from happiness to anxiety and even depression. Put simply, with each situation (and each couple) comes a completely unique set of feelings that can transform over the course of the pregnancy and during the baby’s first months of life.

But there’s one thing the vast majority of women share shortly after becoming pregnant: morning sickness. During the first trimester, many women start each day with feelings of nausea that can range from slightly upset stomach to prolonged vomiting. For many women, it’s a feeling that can have a dramatic impact on their lives and can even shape their attitude towards having more children in the future. That leaves many pregnant women, along with their family members and friends, wondering what can be done to help alleviate these feelings of nausea? Specifically, are there natural remedies for morning sickness that won’t have a negative effect on the mother and her unborn child?

1. Lemon

Lemons aren’t exactly the most popular fruit — after all, you rarely see anyone walking around eating them like they would an apple, orange, or banana. But lemons do have the potential to help with digestion, whether that’s shortly after a large meal or during the morning hours, when pregnant women grapple the most with morning sickness.

The easiest way to add lemon to your diet is to squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a cold glass of water or a hot cup of tea. Avoid getting your lemon fix by drinking sweetened lemonade, which could actually upset your stomach further. And don’t assume that anything with lemon, such as lemon cake or lemon cookies, will do the trick.

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