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6 Nail Fungus Facts You Should Know

Nail fungus (onychomycosis), which affects the toenails in particular, is a big reason why many Americans keep their socks on with their sandals (we assume this, there’s no medical study to cite). Not only is it unsightly, it can also lead to damaged and even lost nails.

While the infection can seem insurmountable, there are medications as well as lifestyle changes you can make to fight the fungus. Having toenail fungus does not make you feel like a fungi (ahem, get it fun-guy), so let’s have a look at six facts about this condition to better understand it…

1. Nail Fungus is Fairly Common

You may feel a bit embarrassed about your nail fungus, but the truth is there’s probably others in the pool change room feeling just like you. Global Healing Center notes that nail fungus (affecting fingernails and toenails) is “surprisingly common and occurs more frequently with age”.

The source notes that about 5-percent of people suffer from a nail fungus infection, and “although less visible, toenail fungal infections are more prevalent than fingernail.” That means there probably people you know with the same problem that are also covering it up.

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