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6 Health Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation That Aren’t Sleepiness

Many Americans aren’t getting enough quality sleep at night, whether it’s from working longer hours or experiencing insomnia or other sleep disorders (such as sleep apnea). Of course, one of the obvious symptoms of lack of sleep is feeling tired throughout the day, but that may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Turns out sleep deprivation can affect your overall health, so it’s important to try to get some proper shut-eye. While people have varying minimum amounts of rest needed to function normally, anyone can end up with sleep deprivation. Here are six short-term and long-term health risks associated with lack of sleep…

1. Moodiness

VeryWell.com explains that short sleep could lead to shorter tempers. Irritability is one of the telltale signs of not getting quality slumber, adds the source. It can get worse than that: these mood disorders can extend into full-blown depression and anxiety, adds the source.

On the plus side, getting proper sleep can be a great catalyst in promoting a healthy and happy mood from the start of the day, it adds. “Sleep is a vital part of our health, and this clearly includes our mental health,” offers the source.

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