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Health Symptoms of Prolonged Mold Exposure

Mold is literally everywhere; in our homes, outside, and even in our food. However, while it sometimes goes unnoticed to many, some Americans might be exposed to higher amounts of it or have a sensitivity to mold.

Your home is a prime place for mold to grow, especially if you have a damp basement. You should also try avoiding certain foods if it’s determined you have a mold sensitivity. Here are 13 health effects that prolonged mold exposure can have on you…

1. Chronic Sinus Problems

If you have a chronically agitated or stuffy nose, it may not be any kind of cold, especially if you don’t have any other symptoms. EveryDay Health noted that a study found that up to 90-percent of chronic nasal problems could be traced back to mold in the home and workplace.

However, the online health source notes it’s still difficult to determine the difference between sniffles caused by a moldy environment and those caused by an infection. Your doctor can do a test to see if you have fungal sinusitis, which may require minor surgery to clear, according to EveryDay Health.

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