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Health Warning Signs You Might Have a Parasite

You might think having a parasite is something only out of a horror movie, but it can actually happen to anyone. Even with the higher standards of food safety in the U.S. compared to undeveloped countries, parasites are “far more common than you think,” according to MindBodyGreen.com.

The site notes there are a number of different parasites that can end up in your intestines such as roundworms, tapeworms, pinworms, whipworms, hookworms, and you may have different symptoms depending on which is invading your guts. Once the parasite has been identified, it can be targeted with medications. Here are 12 signs you may be host to a parasite…

1. Tummy Trouble

BodyEcology.com said that if you have chronic digestive issues that don’t go away, even when you’re eating healthily (including “good bacteria”), there’s a chance you may be harboring a parasite. These digestive issues could present themselves as pain, gas, or bloating, notes the source.

The site offers remedies to help recover from parasites, but notes that even if you don’t have a parasite, “it can sometimes take as long as six months to completely cool down an inflammatory response in the gut”.

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