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6 Health Remedies to Treat Minor Burns

There are a number of ways you can accidentally burn yourself at home or at work – whether you spill some boiling water on your hand from a pot or kettle, touch a hot iron, rest against a radiator, or stay out in the sun unprotected too long. These situations can be alarming, but treating these kinds of burns quickly can help extinguish pain and possible scarring.

These types of burns are typically first-degree – meaning you’ll have reddened skin and some discomfort, but no blistering. If your skin forms blisters (don’t pop those on your own) or develops a “white, leathery appearance” as described by Healthline.com, then you’ll probably want to skip the home remedies and go to a hospital. Here are six ways to soothe minor burns without the help of a medical professional (in most of the examples)…

1. Cool it Down

WebMD notes if you’ve managed to scald yourself with a hot liquid, then you should run cool tap water over the affected site for at least 10-minutes (up to 20-minutes) – but it specifically says you shouldn’t apply ice (although holding a cloth soaked with cool water on the burn will suffice).

Healthline.com advises you should still see a doctor if the burn site includes more than 3-inches of skin, and if it affects your face or certain joints such as the knee, ankle, elbow, as well as the spine and forearms.

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