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Health Facts About Walking Pneumonia

No, this is not the title of a new horror series – it’s a real thing. However, while we know pneumonia can be deadly especially for seniors and people with compromised immune systems, this variation may be a “walk” in the park in comparison.

However, that doesn’t mean the symptoms shouldn’t be taken seriously. While in many cases over-the-counter remedies can clear it up, there are times when your doctor may want to take additional precautions. Here are six things to know about Walking Pneumonia…

1. It’s Often Like a Cold

WebMD notes that this variation of pneumonia can feel like a common cold, rather than something more serious that can lead to uncontrollable bouts of coughing or fever. The source notes some doctors may call it “atypical pneumonia,” because while it’s classified as pneumonia, it doesn’t really follow the same rules.

Symptoms of walking pneumonia may mimic a cold, from sore throat to headache to fatigue (and in some cases, violent coughing or chest pain when you inhale). It can be spread through sneezing or coughing, adds the source.

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