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5 Colors that Affect your Mood

We all have our favorite colors, but did you know that certain colors can actually affect your mental and physical state? Psychologists have long backed the notion of chromology, which is the study of how different colors can affect how you think.

According to Psychologist World, chromology is a principle that is used when designing hotel rooms to food packaging to help make you feel a certain way. From creating energy to having calming properties, here are five colors and how they affect your brain…


1. Pink

Pink is often a color that is tied to femininity, but it also has a calming effect on people. In fact, a 2013 article in The Telegraph (UK) details a project in Switzerland to paint prison cells pink. The article notes that the color pink can reduce anger in inmates in as little as 15-minutes.

In another experiment using color, University of Iowa football coach, Hayden Fry, had the visiting team’s locker room painted pink, intended to calm the opposing players and extinguish their fighting spirit. The locker room has since caused controversy, however it may not be a coincidence that Fry is one of the most successful university coaches of his time.

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