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12 Types of Headaches and Popular Treatment Options

For many people, a nasty headache can strike at any time, and that can ruin important professional or personal plans or just a nice, quiet evening at home with the family. So, what can you do about a headache once one starts to settle in?

The trick to treating any type of headache is determining the type and cause. For those who regularly experience headaches, that may be easy to do, but for those individuals who experience head pain more frequently, it can be less clear. On that note, let’s take a look at a number of frequently reported types of headache and their possible causes.

1. Weekend Headache

Even people who love their weekday jobs tend to look forward to the weekend, when they can get some time away from work and enjoy a couple days with friends and family. You can imagine, then, how frustrating it is to start the weekend with a nasty headache.

Weekend headaches are actually far more common than you’d think. There are several possible explanations — first and foremost, if you’re a serious caffeine drinker during the week, it’s possible a later start to the day on a Saturday or Sunday could mean you’re entering caffeine withdrawal, which can cause head pain. It could also be that you’re experiencing stress at work and the result is a nagging headache the moment things calm down on the weekend. In either case, over-the-counter pain medications should help.

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