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Best Natural Remedies for Sleep Apnea

Getting a good night’s sleep — which for most people will mean around seven to eight hours in a night — is an important part of being alert and effective in both your professional and personal lives. Standing in the way of that good night’s sleep can be a range of obstacles, from distractions like smartphones and tablet computers, to caffeine found in beverages like coffee, tea, and soda.

But not all obstacles to getting a sufficient amount of sleep are so simple. Sleep apnea, a condition that involves the constricting of an individual’s airways during sleep, can be far more difficult to solve. This chronic condition that typically results in disrupted sleep over a prolonged period can leave a person feeling perpetually tired and may be dangerous to their overall health. In response, many doctors will recommend using machines or even surgery to help overcome sleep apnea. But are there any home remedies that can offer some relief from sleep apnea?

1. Throat Work

Sleep apnea patients face continued struggles with sleep primarily because the airways linking the mouth with the lungs become constricted, making it very difficult for oxygen to easily flow through. The result can be a very rough night’s sleep, with the afflicted individual waking up regularly and constantly struggling to settle into a deep sleep.

But patients can make some progress in fighting sleep apnea by working on breathing strategies that strengthen the throat and allow them to take deeper breaths more consistently. One way to do this is to blow up balloons using deep — and not shallow — breaths. By consistently using this exercise, you may be able to improve air flow into the lungs and reduce the overall impact of sleep apnea.

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