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Differences and Similarities of Ministroke And Ischemic Stroke

A stroke is always just a stroke, right? Not always. There are the classic strokes that cause all the telltale signs such as slurred speech and numbness in the limbs on one side, and then there are something called mini-strokes (also known as a Transient Ischemic Attack or TIA) , which should be taken seriously as well despite the name.

There are many similarities in the symptoms of a mini-stroke and a full-blown (ischemic) stroke, but the outcomes are different. A mini-stroke may also serve as a warning that a bigger health episode is on its way. Let’s take a closer look at 12 differences and similarities between them…

1. Defining a TIA

A mini-stroke can be defined as an episode of brief blockage to blood flow to the brain, which does not result in permanent brain damage, explains Self.com.

In the case of TIA, the blockage will break up and clear on its own, without medical intervention. However, as we’ll get to soon, you’ll see that it will be hard to distinguish which type of stroke a person is suffering from – so they should all be taken seriously.

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