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Causes of Itchy Ears

Itchy ears: it’s a problem that affects most of us from time to time and rarely do we ever give the issue a lot of thought. Why? Because, in the vast majority of cases, it’s little more than a sign of skin irritation, and the problem typically solves itself after a few days, or maybe a week.

But having particularly itchy ears — whether that means the exterior part of the ear or the inner ear, which can be hard to reach — can sometimes be a sign of a more concerning issue. In fact, having a consistent problem with itchy ears could signify that there’s a much deeper problem that, left unexplored by your doctor or a specialist, could actually impact your day-to-day lifestyle, possibly through partial or even total hearing loss. To help you understand what those itchy ears could indicate, let’s take a look at some common issues associated with ear irritation.

1. Earwax Shortage

There’s a reason wax is used so frequently to protect objects like cutting boards and other items that frequently come into contact with foods: it can help provide protection by adding a layer of safe sealant. Without wax, a lot of physical objects would rapidly deteriorate and become pretty well useless in short time.

Not having enough wax in your ears can also be a big problem. For one, it can make them feel plenty irritated, and for some people that could mean a sensation that’s very close to something resembling a nagging itch. In fact, just as some people struggle with eyes that don’t produce sufficient tears, there are individuals who struggle with ears that don’t create enough wax. If this is a consistent issue for you, speak with your doctor about possible solutions for this problem.

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