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Causes and Treatments of Vertigo

Imagine standing on solid ground but feeling as though you’re on a circus ride, your balance feeling anything but steady, your brain telling you that your body is moving when it’s clearly not. That, in a real sense, is what living with vertigo is like. It’s frightening and can make even the simplest activities, like getting through the workday or driving to the cottage for the weekend, vastly more challenging than they should be.

But what causes vertigo? And what treatments are available for those individuals who suffer from this condition? Let’s take a closer look at some of vertigo’s causes, and what can be done to limit its symptoms…

1. Cause: BPPV

What could possibly cause someone standing squarely on firm ground to feel like they’ve just jumped on a moving roller coaster? One cause may be problems affecting the inner part of our ears, a condition known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV.

That may not sound like your typical cause of something like vertigo, but when calcium particles — otherwise known as canaliths — build up in the ear canal, it can result in the brain becoming confused about the way our head is positioned and the relation between our physical standing and the world around us. In short, the buildup of calcium in the inner ear can actually lead to a highly problematic disconnect between our body and brain, leading to vertigo. As for explaining why BPPV emerges, doctors still aren’t sure, though it becomes more likely as one grows in age.

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