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10 Weird and Wonderful Things Pregnancy Does to the Body

It’s one thing to have a pregnant friend or family member describe, in detail, all of the strange changes taking place in the body during pregnancy—while it’s another thing to actually be pregnant and experience them personally.

I can honestly say, until I was preggers with my first baby, my daughter, I didn’t truly understand what the following ten weird and wonderful physical and mental influences of pregnancy would have on my body…

1. Baby Brain

Mommy brain, pregnancy brain, baby brain—regardless of what you deem it, this side effect of pregnancy decreases your ability to concentrate, zaps your memory, and destroys your sense of focus. I would lose my train of thought mid conversation and put my car keys in the freezer only to rip the house apart later trying to find them. Pregnancy brain comes on strong during the second trimester, when the other effects of pregnancy are greatest (i.e., lack of sleep, worry, fatigue, and nausea). Research from the Mayo Clinic does support the fact that your growing bump can impair memory due to sleep loss, hormonal changes, and the anxiety of an impending major life change.

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