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10 Ways to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

Is there anything more stressful than planning a wedding? Probably, but not much. Let’s face it, when you only have one chance to celebrate your love and kick-start a new and exciting part of your life, only the best will do and that’s incredibly stressful.

The key is to keep calm and put things in perspective. Remember, a marriage is far more than the events that unfold on just a single day. If you’re stressing out as the big day nears, try these steps to keep yourself from completely freaking out and becoming bridezilla or groomzilla…

1. Listen to Advice

It may be hard to believe when you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, but many, many other people in your life have gone through their own wedding days. And guess what? That means they know what can get in the way of a successful wedding.

So, be sure to ask your friends and family what made their weddings great and what issues threatened to ruin the day. You might just learn a few interesting tidbits that could help your own wedding day go super smoothly.

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