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10 Ways Fall Weather Affects Your Health

For some autumn might bring to mind pumpkin-carving, Halloween, Thanksgiving turkey, and hot apple cider. However, for others it could bring headaches, colds, flues, and joint pain. And it turns out that the weather changes ushering in the fall season actually do affect our health.

It’s true that many people blame the bone-chilling autumn temperatures for their achy joints—and the fact is that they may actually be right. Medical scientists have linked the weather extremes taking place in the changing fall season for the following health responses…

1 Heightened Risk of Cold & Flu

Many of us are stricken with a nasty cold or flu as the temperatures dip in autumn. And it seems the drastic weather changes taking place as fall rushes in—particularly the rapid cold swings—actually does weaken the immunity of many folks.

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