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10 Things to Expect in Your Second Trimester of Pregnancy

During the second trimester, all the unseen work you did in the first trimester will start to show itself in substantial changes on the outside of your body. By the end of the third month (which marks the beginning of the second trimester), your baby bump may start to grow as your unborn child packs on the pounds, doubling weight over the next 4 weeks so by the end of the second trimester (6 months) your fetus will weigh approximately 2 pounds.

During this time, baby is also growing ears, eyes, capillaries for blood flow, fingerprints, and will start to suck and yawn, which is truly adorable on an ultrasound! Mom can also expect some pleasant happenings along with a few more uncomfortable occurrences during her second trimester of pregnancy…

1. Energy Returns

Say goodbye to nausea and morning sickness, during the start of the second trimester you’ll often experience a resurge of energy thanks to less demand on your body to grow the placenta and the queasiness that often comes along with it.

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