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10 Surprising Heart Attack Triggers

Sure, a diet high in greasy, deep fried delights and a life full of financial, work, and personal stresses will certainly take its toll on your ticker. We all know that!

However, doctors are now pointing to other, lesser considered, heart attack culprits. Here are ten surprising cardiovascular cautions that you might not even be aware of…

1. Gum Disease

If you’re an expectant mother suffering from gum disease (also known as periodontal disease), your prenatal caregiver has probably already warned you that it can put your unborn child at risk. However, it seems that gum decay can actually pose a threat to your cardiovascular health as well. A recent study concluded that people with periodontal disease are inherently at a 25 percent greater risk for having a heart attack than those who have healthy gums.

As you read this, researchers huddled in labs all around the world are trying to figure out why. One of the leading early theories is that the elevated bacteria levels associated with gum disease allows infectious agents to migrate deeper into your system. There, they can get all the way to your heart, wreaking havoc on important blood vessels and interfering with your circulatory system function. If you want a healthy heart, be sure you have healthy teeth.

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