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14 Signs of a Sinus Infection

You know the feeling? You’re run down, stuffed up, feverish, maybe a little chilly,  with a sore throat, and an annoying post-nasal drip. Don’t shrug it off as the common cold. You may very well have a sinus infection.

You might think it’s just a cold, but before you run to the pharmacy for over-the-counter cold medication, check for these 14 sinusitis symptoms…

1. Inflamed Sinuses

The inflammation of the sinuses, which is the main sign that you have a sinus infection and not just another cold, will show itself in severe pressure that feels like a dull, throbbing pain behind the eyes or cavities behind the forehead, nasal bones, and cheeks (where your sinuses are located).

Many sinusitis symptoms mimic the common cold, but the 37 million unfortunate Americans who suffer from this painful inflammation of the sinuses each year are on constant high alert when it comes to that cold or allergy that will lead to another nasty sinus infection.

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