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10 Reasons Why Heartbreak Can Really Damage Your Heart

Heartbreak comes in many forms and affects people in different ways. Being in love and being loved brings a lot of joy and happiness to your life, and when that love is taken away, it isn’t something most people can easily let go of. Whether you’re pining after a first love or feel broken after a divorce, heartbreak can have a significant impact on your mental and emotional health. But it can also cause physical pain and can even damage the health of your heart.

While heartbreak isn’t considered a true medical condition among most doctors, there are things people experience and react to when they’re heartbroken that can cause real physical problems. These ten reasons why heartbreak can really damage your heart will hopefully motivate you to turn to positive coping strategies and support systems after a breakup…

1. Added Stress

If you’re heartbroken, your stress level is likely to increase. You might experience confusion or demand answers from your ex that only add to the stress. It’s also common during the time after a breakup to take a good, long look at your life and where you’re going, and you may not be happy with what you find. These thoughts add stress, and if you come out of those thoughts with no answers or more sadness and disappointment, your stress is likely to multiply, putting a strain on your heart. It’s no coincidence that people in high-powered, stressful jobs have heart conditions. Stress damages the heart and it isn’t picky about where that stress comes from.

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