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10 Major Sun Protection Mistakes

The sun is a tough thing to avoid. When it’s out, it follows us all over the place and for the most part, we like it. What we don’t like is the harm that it causes us when we stay under it for too long without protection. That’s where sunblock comes in. Applying sunblock is the best way to catch rays safely and not worry about the sun’s detrimental after-effects. Some people choose to throw caution to the wind and do without it, often for years on end. Fortunately, most of us have gotten the message about UVA and UVB rays and their link to skin cancer. But we may not be clear about what kind of sunscreen to buy. There are so many different brands with differing sun protection factor (SPF) levels, and it’s difficult to know which one is best. Even when you get the right one, you may still be making sun protection mistakes without even realizing.

Here’s a rundown of the biggest sun blunders…


1. Not Enough Sunblock

Whether you’re using a lotion, spray, or gel, the rule remains the same: you need to apply sunblock generously and often. The sun doesn’t play games when it’s beaming down on you, and it doesn’t wait for the sunblock to absorb into your skin. It also doesn’t care that you neglected to re-apply every couple of hours or after you’ve come out from the water. The general rule is to apply the stuff at least 20 minutes before you head outside, so it has time to sink in. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time out there, lather it on. It’s always better to have too much.

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