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10 DIY-Infused Remedies for Bath Time

If you like bath time as much as I do for its body- and soul-soothing benefits then you will appreciate these ten little-known remedies. Add the following ten home remedies to your bath water and help heal everything from haemorrhoids to sunburns, and more!

1. Milk

Do you have a sunburn? Got milk? The soothing attributes of milk will take the bite out of a nasty sunburn. In fact, New York based dermatologist, Dr. Francesca Fusco, suggests not only bathing in a cool milk bath, but also soaking a washcloth in cold milk blend of half milk and half water, and then pressing the cloth gently against areas where the sunburn is localized and inflamed for up to 10-minutes. The calming lactic acid in milk also helps exfoliate dry, flaky skin.


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