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10 Common Health Reasons for Fainting

The reasons for fainting are vast and it can often be difficult to find the cause. From low blood sugar and dehydration to heart complications and seizures, some causes of fainting aren’t serious while others can be extremely dangerous. Because it’s possible for a serious health condition or disease to cause fainting, it’s important to see your doctor or in some situations, seek emergency medical treatment immediately.

When people faint, they usually experience other symptoms before doing so, all of which can vary depending on why you’re going to faint. Some people experience dizziness and nausea, while others feel like sounds are fading away and their vision will change. No matter the symptoms before fainting, notifying someone and sit or lay on the floor to prevent further injuries (i.e., hurting your head). With seemingly endless causes, here are the ten most common health reasons for fainting…

1. Dehydration

In medical terms, fainting is referred to as syncope and can be the result of dehydration. When the body doesn’t have more fluid than it loses, people become dehydrated. There are different levels of dehydration and the symptoms you can experience vary depending on how dehydrated you are. When a person begins to become dehydrated, they may feel dizzy or lightheaded, have a headache, and urinate less frequently. Once they become severely dehydrated, fainting can occur.

Dehydration causes blood pressure to drop and the longer you’re dehydrated, the harder it will be for your body to stabilize your blood pressure. As low blood pressure continues, the risk of fainting increases. Standing up quickly when dehydrated could also bring on a fainting episode. Although you can usually prevent dehydration through drinking enough water, it can also be the result of an illness such as diabetes, alcoholism, or the flu. If you faint regularly but consume a lot of water, it could be the result of a more serious health condition.

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