Soap Opera Icons: Where Are They Now?

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There was once a golden age of soap operas on daytime television when a person could flip the channels between 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and find nothing but adventure, romance and intrigue. Many long-term fans remember these days and have fond memories of the many actors and actresses who graced the screens during this period. While we all still love the shows on the air, many can’t help but wonder about some daytime legends and what they are doing today. Below is a list of soap opera icons and what they are up to now.

12. Kimberly McCullough

General Hospital’s Robin Scorpio is part of an elite group of soap opera characters that only have had one actress play the same role, lasting decades. Kimberly McCullough jumped into the land of Port Charles at the age of eight and has grown as Robin has grown, never having to experience the crazy world of Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome (SORAS). What’s Kim up to lately? Aside from some pop-ins to Port Chuckles now and again, she has become a director, working on episodes of the hit TV shows like Fuller House, One Day at a Time, and most recently, How I Met Your Father. She’s also taken an even more special role at home that of mom, giving birth to son Otis in 2017.

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11. Marcy Walker

Fans of Marcy Walker will remember her in pivotal roles in shows like Santa Barbara, Guiding Light, and All My Children. She won a Daytime Emmy in 1989 and has been nominated six times. In 2005, Walker decided to walk away from the world of daytime drama and pursue a career in Christian ministry full-time. After taking on a couple of ministry jobs over the years, she joined in 2011 at the organization’s OK Campus in Edmond.

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10. Cady McClain

With roles on Young and the Restless and As the World Turns, Cady is probably best known for her portrayal of Dixie Cooney on All My Children. McClain has been very busy in recent years working on her directing and producing career. In fact, her recent documentary, Seeing Is Believing: Women Direct, has received rave reviews, and she also currently has a book on the shelves she penned entitled Murdering My Youth. Since 2020, she has appeared on Days of our Lives a number of times as characters Jennifer and Laura Horton. In 2021, McClain won a Daytime Emmy Award for her acting on Days of our Lives as well.

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9. Kim Zimmer

Simply put, Kim Zimmer is a soap opera legend who sits in an elite group of actresses who hold not one but multiple iconic daytime drama roles. Most will remember her as Reva Shayne on Guiding Light or perhaps Echo DiSavoy on One Life to Live; however, Zimmer also had roles on The Doctors and Santa Barbara. Since leaving daytime, she’s appeared in the 2013 movie 23 Blast, written a book called I’m Just Sayin’!, and starred in a stage play along with Olympia Dukakis.


8. Ronn Moss

Ronn Moss played the original Ridge Forrester on the Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) from the show’s inception until 2012. In fact, many B&B fans couldn’t believe the role was recast and even after all these years find it hard to relate to Thorsten Kaye as the new Ridge. So, what has Moss been up to since leaving B&B? He’s done a music tour in Australia; commercials in Finland and Italy; tours with his band (now called Ronn Moss’ Player); landed a role on a Flemish soap opera; and recently released an album entitled Lockdown Lover.

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7. A. Martinez

Martinez has played a vast number of roles in daytime on shows like Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Life, and Bold and the Beautiful; however, he’s probably most known in the land of soaps for his legendary role as Cruz Castillo on Santa Barbara. Martinez is also no stranger to primetime, holding roles on both Queen of the South and Longmire. He’s also slotted to play “Papi” in the 2022 feature film, Ambulance and “Master Pakku” in Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender.


6. Tristan Rogers

Who doesn’t love the very lovable Robert Scorpio on General Hospital (GH)? There are also those soap fans out there that miss Colin Atkinson on the Young and the Restless! Tristan Rogers has carved out an incredible soap opera legacy over the years and truly is a joy to watch on daytime drama screen. These days, he’s in and out of Port Chuckles helping baby momma and best friend Anna Devane now and again, plus, he’s back on the soap web series The Bay as Lex Martin. Between GH and The Bay, Rogers hops in and out of towns across North America visiting fans through GH fan fantasy events. In 2019, he was cast in Amazon’s Studio City – a role that got him a Daytime Emmy Award!

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5. Robin Strasser

As the original Rachel Cory on Another World, Robin Strasser had roles on Somerset, All My Children, as well as Passions; however, Dorian Lord on One Life to Life might be the part most fans remember her for. After an extended time in retirement from soaps, she came back as Vivian Alamain on Days of Our Lives in 2019 for 15 episodes.

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4. Linda Dano

Best known as the feisty and eccentric Felicia Gallant on Another World from 1982 until the show ended in 1999, Linda Dano also had roles on One Life to Live and As the World Turns. In fact, her One Life character, Greta Cummings, was the first soap opera character to appear on three ABC’s soap operas (All My Children, Port Charles, and General Hospital) as part of a crossover daytime drama storyline. These days, Dano enjoys interior design, acting as a QVCS host, and, as per her Instagram account, visiting with old friends and enjoying life with her dogs.

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3. Peter Reckell

Peter Reckell played Days of Our Lives legendary character Bo Brady (on and off) for almost three decades. During that time, he created a lasting impact in the soap opera world through Bo’s adventures, courage, and his love story with Hope. Since leaving Days, Reckell has performed in the musical The Fantasticks in 2016 and returned as Bo Brady to Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Chapter 2 in 2022. He spends his days enjoying life with his family in Alaska.

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2. Anthony Geary

One half of legendary General Hospital super couple Luke and Laura, Anthony Geary was a pivotal part of the show for well over 35 years before he left Port Charles behind in 2015. He made one appearance during Tracey Quartermaine’s (Jane Elliot) departure, but since leaving the world of daytime drama, Tony has been enjoying the Dutch life in Amsterdam where he stated in an ABC Soaps In Depth interview earlier this year that “every day is an adventure.” He returned for a small scale appearance in web series, This Show Sucks in 2022.


1. Susan Lucci

For a while there, Susan Lucci felt like the pinnacle bridesmaid that was never going to be a bride, as she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy a record 18 times in the Lead Actress category before bringing one home (finally) in 1999. Of course, Susan played the iconic Erica Kane on All My Children from 1970 to 2011, becoming a household name thanks to the part. She was also once the highest-paid daytime actress, earning over one million dollars annually as early as in 1991.

What’s Lucci up to nowadays? She’s a busy lady. Since leaving the land of daytime, she starred in a documentary series known as Deadly Affairs, been a series regular on Devious Maids, had a role in the movie Joy, and Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to the Disney hit, Wreck it Ralph. She also competed on season 7 of Dancing With the Stars with partner Toni Dovolani and finished in sixth place.

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