Cheapest States for Aging Seniors in 2022

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a place to retire. Healthcare, weather, and transportation are just a few examples. But what’s arguably the most important? Cost of living. Since many seniors live off a pension or form of fixed income, it’s vital that wherever you’re living is actually affordable. Your money can go a long way depending on which state you reside in. Find out what costs you can expect to pay during retirement with a search online.

There are certain states that come with lower living expenses than others. With an online search, you’ll quickly discover which states are the most affordable.

Here are some of the cheapest states for aging seniors.


Average Housing Cost: $808 per month

The state of Louisiana prides itself on providing residents the high life with a low cost of living. In fact, Louisiana Travel says the cost of living sits at just 6.2-percent — lower than the national average. Part of this can be credited to the zero-tax placed on groceries and prescription drugs. Plus, the state does not tax Social Security retirement benefits or income from public pensions.

For seniors looking to live in warm weather all year long, this state is a good choice. You can enjoy activities such as birdwatching and freshwater fishing. There’s also great food and a vibrant music scene.

South Dakota

Average Housing Cost: $807 per month

Experience four distinct seasons each year while living in South Dakota. With a cost of living lower than the national average, seniors can make time for their activities and hobbies without worry. You can also rely on premium healthcare services across the state.

Within the state, there are four regions that each offer something worthwhile. From the Missouri River to the glacial lakes, to the Black Hills and beyond, you can find an area that meets your needs.


Average Housing Costs: $798 per month

With housing costs priced way below the national average, Alabama is one of the most affordable states for retirement. Another money-saving perk is Alabama does not tax Social Security or pensions. Better yet, homeowners pay less money for property taxes in comparison to other states. says this is a good place to live if you want to enjoy warm weather year-round but avoid more expensive states like California. Furthermore, the state boasts warm summers and mild winters.

New Mexico

Average Housing Cost: $844 per month

Anyone who desires an active retirement should consider moving to New Mexico. You can explore its diverse terrain while biking, hiking, or even skiing. You can also take advantage of its urban areas by engaging with the art community through music, writing, and more.

Plus, reports that seniors are 16.9 percent of the population. This gives you the opportunity to socialize with like-minded people in your age demographic.

West Virginia

Average Housing Costs: $614 per month

If you’re craving country roads and nature-filled escapes as a senior, West Virginia is the place to be. There are plenty of tranquil areas in the state that will guarantee you a quiet and relaxed retirement. Not only is there plenty of less traveled trails, but the Mountain State is home to the country’s newest national park.

As for living costs, says it ranks 14-percent below the nation’s average. Additionally, people aged 65 and older account for over 19-percent of the state’s population.


Average Housing Cost: $787 per month

With plenty of retirement communities to choose from and a low cost of living, Kentucky is another strong contender for seniors to consider. SmartAsset says this tax-friendly state does not tax Social Security income and sales tax sits at 6-percent.

Another perk to retiring in Kentucky is living close to top medical centers. Moreover, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, such as fishing, hunting, and walking trails.


Average Housing Cost: $896 per month

There’s a long list of reasons why Idaho is a great state for retirement. Besides low cost of living, the state has over 30 state parks to visit. In addition to the state parks, there is a Greenbelt around Boise that stretches 25 miles, which is great for walking or biking.

The state has a mild climate and allows you to experience all four seasons. In your free time, head outdoors to admire its diverse landscape.

South Carolina

Average Housing Costs: $866 per month

South Carolina is a go-to vacation spot for many people, but it can also be a great place for retirement. This sunny state is known for its excellent weather and access to all types of recreational activities, ideal for seniors looking to live an active lifestyle. reports more than 850,000 seniors live in South Carolina. You can choose the city of Columbia for city amenities, Myrtle Beach to soak in the sun every day or a retirement-focused town located along the coast.


Average Housing Cost: $724 per month

With 16.6-percent of the population being seniors, Arkansas is a desirable state to consider for retirement. You can spend your days hanging out at the many senior centers or exploring the great outdoors at Mount Magazine State Park.

Not only does report low housing costs, but seniors won’t have to spend their days stuck in congested traffic. It also ranks well on the website’s community involvement scorecard.


Average Housing Costs: $850 per month

Admire the captivating mountain views while settling down in Montana. This state offers residents the chance to embrace the outdoors all year round. Montana is given average ratings by for healthcare, air quality, and crime rate.

Major cities in Montana also boast excellent public transit. In fact, the Billings Transit System gives seniors a 50-percent discount on regular fare. Additionally, your Social Security income is only partially taxed.


Average Housing Costs: $977 per month

Located on the coastline, Maine is a state where almost 20-percent of its residents are seniors. There’s so much to do in the state thanks to its many natural sights. One such sight is Acadia National Park, where people over 65 can visit for free. It’s also right near the border in case you wanted to go on a weekend getaway to Canadian cities.

Some other benefits to living in Maine include low-cost legal services, good air quality, and low crime rates.

Compare Each State Online

If a low cost of living is something you’re prioritizing in retirement, there are many states across the country to accommodate that. Whether it be affordable housing, lower sales tax, or no taxation on your income, certain states can be less of a strain on your wallet.

Anyone who’s deciding where to live as a senior should take the time to research their options. You can learn all about a state’s affordability, healthcare, transportation, and other important services with an online search.

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