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9 Tips For Starting a Morning Running Routine

If you’ve never tried it yourself, maybe you’ve wondered how (and perhaps why) people love running first thing in the morning. But deep down, you know there are many advantages to making a run the first thing you do to start the day. For one, it takes care of an important daily task—getting some intense physical exercise—right away, rather than leaving it for later in the day when one might be exhausted, both physically and mentally. Second, it can help energize the mind and body, preparing one for the day ahead.

So how does one get themselves in a position to make morning runs a part of their regular routine? Let’s take a look at some steps you can take to start the day off with an energizing run through the neighborhood…

1. Schedule a Full Night’s Sleep

The one thing capable of derailing plans to run in the morning: not getting enough sleep the night before. If you think it’s hard to get up in the morning when you get a full night’s sleep, try doing it when you’ve had only four or five hours of decent rest.

To start a morning running routine and keep it going, you’ll need to schedule when you go to bed and be sure to give yourself enough time to get a solid night’s sleep. For those who have trouble falling asleep, this may mean giving yourself extra time in bed. You may also want to consider using a natural sleep aid, such as valerian root or melatonin (though be sure to run this idea by your physician first).

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