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Tips for Safe Toys on Your Christmas List

Toys are supposed to be a source of joy for children (and bigger kids that are young at heart). However, many toys on the market—although having all the relevant inspections and certifications—may not be right for your little one on Christmas morning.

While danger and toys might not be two words that are synonymous to you, consider this: the Consumer Product Safety Commission published its 2015 toy-related deaths and injuries report, showing 11-toy related deaths for the calendar year. If that number doesn’t faze you, how about this one: a reported 254,200 toy-related injuries were treated in U.S. emergency departments during the same year. Let’s look at six ways to reduce this number, at least during the holidays (December also happens to be Safe Toys and Gifts month)…

1. Focus on Newer Toys

While you may have the urge to wrap up at least one older toy that has sentimental value, you should only give new ones, KidsHealth.org advises. Despite the fact that a toy brought you or someone else joy as a kid, doesn’t mean it’s the safest choice for your little one.

This is because toys from yesteryear didn’t necessarily face the same safety standards as today’s toys, notes the source. Also, the item may be used to the point where components have become more brittle, which can lead to injury or choking.


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