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Working Out 12 Facts About Overtraining Syndrome

When it comes to hitting the gym, we’re told it’s a good idea – but how often? There’s a healthy level, and then there’s the point where it can actually start doing yourself more harm than good.

Both the average person looking to stay fit and athletes can fall into the overtraining trap. The end result is that the body won’t perform as well, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve in the first place. Let’s look at 12 facts about overtraining syndrome…

1. It’s About Recovery Time

It’s not about pushing yourself too hard per se, but it’s more about not giving yourself enough time to recover between workouts.

VeryWell.com explains this syndrome often occurs in athletes who are training for a competition, and train “beyond the body’s ability to recover.” Without adequate rest and recovery times, “these training regimens can backfire, and actually decrease performance,” adds the source.

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