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The 8 Most Stunning Running Locations in the World

Do you ever find yourself sweating it out on the treadmill in mid-February while dreaming of the wind in your hair and the sun on your back in a fairer locale? Believe you me, I run outside whenever weather permits, but residing in South Western Ontario, in Canada, can put a damper on my winter runs. I realize that personal tastes differ, however, I’ve created my own (personal) running to-do list.

I love the idea of a running vacation, where I can pack up the family and my sneakers for a trod in 8 of these stunning running locations around the world…


1. Saviese , Swiss Alps, Switzerland

You can seek out a retreat for peace and quiet—but this Saviese retreat location tucked away in the Swiss Alps, is also a runner’s paradise.

Start your cross-country trek along Saviese’s natural mountain ridge. Take in the clean air and pristine view on trials perched high above the dense expanse of woodlands. Runners looking for a challenge will love this rustic terrain littered with thick tree roots and uneven ground.


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