Outdoor Workout Tips to Beat the Heat

Many states in the US and Canada have been dealing with incredibly high temperatures over the past few weeks. While the heat may make it more difficult to maintain a good workout routine, this type of weather can be used to your advantage in helping to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

Working out in the outdoors during a heat wave can improve fitness levels, according to researchers from the University of Oregon. A new study followed two control groups of avid cyclists, one of which worked out in 100-degree heat with the other exercising in 55-degree weather. Humidity levels were set at 30 percent in both cases, and the researchers found that the cyclists working out in hot conditions posted a 7 percent performance improvement.

Scientists stress the importance of acclimatization, including gradual elevation of core body temperature to 101 degrees. Gradually elevating the intensity of the workout over a 5- to 10-day period of hot weather is ideal. However, there are risks associated with intense workouts during hot weather, with dehydration being the principal problem. Doctors also pointed out the importance of not pushing yourself too hard when heat and humidity are high, as such conditions can be very stressful on the body.

Source: Mens Fitness


Jim Greene

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