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Need a Lift? The Added Benefits of Anti-Gravity Yoga

If you‘re regular yoga routine needs a boost—anti-gravity yoga, or aerial yoga, might be the means to lift your workout to new heights…quite literally!

Christopher Harrison, an aerial performer, Broadway choreographer, and former gymnast combined the best of aerial acrobatics, yoga, Pilates, and calisthenics when he created this full-body workout that rivals Cirque du Soleil.

1. Full Body Exercise

Due to the suspended nature of anti-gravity yoga, each movement targets almost every major muscle group in your body. As you hang, your back will decompress and your muscles and joints will move, flex, stretch, strengthen, and tone in whole new ways. And because there is virtually no impact placed on joints, aerial yoga is safe to do for those with joint injuries (i.e., particularly back injuries) or going through physical rehabilitation.

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