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Get Rolling: 8 Benefits of Using a Foam Roller

You might have heard a coworker talking about the benefits of using a foam roller. Or maybe you saw a guy at your gym using a foam roller before and after a workout and wondered what they’re exactly good for?

Using a foam roller, massages out your muscles and tendons, breaking down the tight knots of fascia, loosening up soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue, and encouraging fresh blood flow and circulation to your muscles for faster recovery time

Here are eight benefits to using a foam roller every day…


1. Stretch Pre-Workout

The first way you can utilize a foam roller is to roll before your workouts.  This “pre-stretch” will warm up and loosen any tight tendons, ligaments, and muscles to prevent an injury. Foam rollers are particularly useful for runners or anyone who is prone to developing a repetitive stress injury from reoccurring strenuous exercise or movement (i.e., even sitting at a desk).


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