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9 Important Tips For Building Stronger Arms

Ask any fitness-minded person what muscles they’re most focused on building up, and there’s a good chance they’ll point to their arms. Both men and women can benefit from stronger arms and, aesthetically, highly toned arms are currently all the rage with people of all genders.

But what’s the key to building stronger and more toned arms? The change from flabby or skinny arms to muscular arms won’t come overnight—it takes lots of hard work and involves major lifestyle choices, from how you work out, to how often you work out, to what you’re putting in your body on a daily basis…

1. Keep it Short and Focused

The first step to building stronger and more toned arms: keep your workout sessions short, but intense. Focus on lifting heavier weights for a shorter period of time rather than lighter weights over the course of a long and relatively relaxed workout.

So, why is it so important to keep things short? For one, if you’re new to targeting your arms, the muscles in this part of your body may not be ready for prolonged workouts. Second, arm muscles tend to be easier to injure than muscles in other parts of the body. Remember that an injury can take place in just a matter of seconds and can completely derail your fitness goals.

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