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8 Yoga Moves for Runners

Runners tend to love their workouts and put considerable time and thought into the run itself. But when it comes to stretching afterwards, many are a little bit slap dash in their approach. Maybe they’ve had the same stretching routine for years, which can certainly lead to decreasing benefits and more than likely skips some of the lesser-known muscles. This is when and where there is a great opportunity for yoga moves to stretch, strengthen, and optimize runner’s workouts.

Here are the eight of the best yoga moves for runners…


1. Dancer’s Pose

This is a great stretch for the muscles on the front of the leg, from the quadriceps to the hip flexors. Even beginners will feel a deep stretch by merely pushing the top of the back foot in the hand and counterbalancing by leaning forward.

Another bonus is that this is a balance pose that works on the mechanoreceptors in the ankle. These make the ankles better able to deal with any stability—from and icy patchy to a steep trail which means less chance of rolling and spraining an ankle.


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