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8 Lesser Known Benefits of Downward Facing Dog

If you’ve ever been near a yoga studio, chances are that you know what a Downward Dog pose entails. As the “anchoring” posture (or pose of pause) in many yoga practices, downward dog is beneficial for so many reasons.

From allowing us to take stock of our body during yoga practice to fighting fatigue and back stiffness—here are the eight lesser-known benefits of getting downward dog…


1. Enhances Digestion

You’ve likely heard your yoga instructor ask you to pull your navel into the spine as you perform downward facing dog in class. There is good reason behind taking advantage of the compression benefits of this pose, even though downward dog isn’t considered a full folding pose. This slight compression (of pulling navel into spine) encourages the digestive function of the spleen, liver, and kidneys.

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