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8 Effective & Natural Sciatica Treatments

Sciatica is excruciating pain (or radiculopathy) that runs down one side of the leg—from the buttocks down to the feet. Sciatic pain usually results when a nerve becomes pinched in the lower back or a herniated disk bulges into the spinal canal and compresses the sciatic nerve. The throbbing and intolerable pain of sciatica is often compared to a toothache.

Luckily, sciatica patients can find some natural relief with these eight treatments, which come recommended from an array of medical professionals and physical therapists…

1. Gentle Yoga

Research from the Comprehensive Pain Center at Oregon Health & Science University, links regular yoga practice to sciatica pain reduction. The study monitored a group of patients with chronic back pain during a 16-week, gentle Iyengar yoga practice. After the 16-week period was complete, patient pain was reduced by roughly 64-percent overall. Researchers linked the effects of gentle stretching to improved muscle strength, improved flexibility and better mobility.

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