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7 Workout Myths You Need to Know

Few of us have a lot of time to devote to the gym. At best, most people can afford to dedicate a handful of hours to workouts each week. That’s why it’s crucial we go to the gym educated, meaning we know what the best workouts are.

Of course, it’s equally important that we know all about those nasty gym myths that can lead us to waste our time and leave us feeling less invigorated by our workouts. Here, we’ll take a look at the seven most irritating workout myths, with the goal of helping you be more efficient at the local gym…

1. Doing Crunches Will Give You Six-Pack Abs

For years the popular belief was that, to reduce belly fat and expose our abdominal muscles, one needed to do crunches and lots of them. But experts now insist that this is a myth, because while doing lots of crunches—or sit-ups—will help you build stronger abdominal muscles, it won’t reveal those muscles. Why? Because crunches don’t burn calories or fat.

The key, then, is to take up a more vigorous, total-body workout that burns calories, builds muscle, and helps you reveal those abdominal muscles. And if you’re looking for a great ab workout, look no further than the plank, which is designed to activate roughly three times as many muscles as you’ll use while performing a crunch.

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