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7 Simple Self-Care Tips to Boost Mood and Health

It seems we all take the time to care for our children, pets, homes and also our vehicles, but many of us are forgetting to take care of ourselves. By not giving yourself some “maintenance” once in a while, your efficiency could lag and you could end up with physical or mental repercussions.

Self-care doesn’t have to require an expensive trip to the spa (although there’s nothing wrong with that, if you’ve got the money to spare). As you’ll read, self-care can be simple things you do regularly to keep yourself in optimal condition. Here are seven self-care tips you can start practicing…

1. Become More Mindful

Several sources stress the importance of “living in the moment”, and that means also putting away your electronic device because that email can wait. Being mindful is not the absence of thought, it’s being aware of what’s happening in the here and now and enjoying it.

Meditation can help if you have a few minutes to spare, noted Greatist.com. Just a few minutes of meditation can relieve stress and even boost compassion (if you’re feeling worn out by other people’s problems) notes the source.  


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