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7 Household Chores that Torch Calories

Why join an expensive gym when you can get a workout at home—and have a cleaner house in the process?

You know these seven household chores need to be done, so don’t put them off any longer. You can literally get your sweat on by breaking out the vacuum, broom, mop, or snow shovel…no pricy athletic equipment necessary…


1. Vacuuming

My cat hates it when I vacuum. I’m sure he pictures my pushing around a plastic, growling dragon. If I dare vacuum the stairs, I won’t see him for the rest of the day.

However, breaking out the vacuum is almost worth peeving off your pet—especially when you consider this chore burns major calories. Consider that an hour of vacuuming will burn almost 100-calories alone. Add some stairs to the equation and you’ll burn almost double that!

Vacuum Frequently

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