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7 Effective Exercises You’re Probably Already Doing Regularly

When we think of exercise and fitness, we often take a structured view of it: hitting the gym 3-times a week, or getting out for a jog with the sunrise. However, it turns out that you may be getting a fairly decent workout just by doing what you already do.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider extracurricular workouts if you have a particular health goal in mind or just want to feel your best. However, let’s take a look at seven everyday chores you’re probably already doing that are actually burning quite a few calories…

1. Cleaning

This may actually be less fun than hitting the gym for some people, but sweeping, mopping and vacuuming can kick your metabolism into a higher gear. Shape.com uses an example of “spring cleaning” (don’t worry, it’ll be here before we know it) for reference, noting it can be quite a workout.

The source says washing floors can burn up to 187-calories per 30-minutes, while pushing around a vacuum can eat up 119-calories every 30-minutes. Sweeping can take care of 136-calories per 30-minutes, while cleaning windows is pegged at 167-calories in 30-minutes. Put those all together over a day of cleaning, and you should be feeling pretty fit!

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