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6 Tips for Making January a Fit Family Month

Staying fit or keeping your resolution to be more active is often made easier when you have people alongside you with the same goals. That can be especially true when those people are your family members, who will help encourage you (and vice versa) while spending quality time together.

January marks Family Fit Lifestyle Month, which encourages you as a parent to be a positive role model for a healthy lifestyle. It’s more than just exercise; you can also model your diet to best benefit your loved ones. Here are six tips to make the best of getting healthy together…

1. Take Kids on Grocery Store Trips

A trip to the grocery store with children doesn’t have to be a burden; it can be a chance for some fun and learning together. For example, Pivot.com suggests bringing them along for routine shopping to help point out what to look for on labels to make the healthiest choices.

These are skills that children can develop over time, and will help them make smarter independent decisions about food when they’re older. It’s also a great way to make a somewhat banal task more interactive and fun for you and the kids.

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