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6 Pack Lapadat: The Real Life Rocky Story of Powerlifting

October 27th, 2012 was the day Boston hosted the World Championships of Powerlifting. For me, the month leading up to the competition was my first test. I had bulked up to 220 pounds during the summer time so I could have more mass to help me flip a car for a sick kids hospital fund raising event.

I had a team behind me who specialized in weight cutting for sport and, through disciple and hard work, I was able to shed a substantial 22 pounds in 28 days. It came down to the very day of the event waking up at 5:00am and sweating off the last few pounds in a sweat-suit. Still, I cleared my first hurdle of weighing-in at the 90KG (198 lbs) mark for my optimal weight class.

At the weighed-in I felt drained, dehydrated, and seeing the competition from around the World was an intimidating sight for soar eyes. All around me I could hear languages from across the Globe. Men built like bulls all in a line to hit the scale. I wondered if my opponents had as hard a time making their respective weight classes?

Powerlifting competitions go in the order of the Squat event, Bench-press event, and Deadlift event, with the highest of your 3 successful lifts in each event going towards your total. Your total weight lifted at the end of the 3 events determines your ranking.

The Squats started out with some heavy lifts. The Ukrainian Champion took the early lead, with the American Champion in second. The Ukrainian Champion was a former World Champion in Squats, and it showed here. I was in third place after the first attempts, and despite great efforts I was still in third place after the second attempts. I tried my best to close the gap before the Squat event was over, and I managed to be tied for second place.

The American Champion was not only the crowd’s home country man, but also the home town favorite as he hails from Boston. Motivated by the audience’s support he moved into the lead in the bench press event. For my part, I was surprisingly out benched by a few other lifters, but did manage to post a higher bench than the Ukrainian Champion. Still, I was behind both the Ukrainian and American Champions in our totals after 2 events.

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