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2014’s Most Fun Themed Races

Running has never been so fun! You no longer have to race through a regular park or along the road in your regular 5K. Themed races have become the new fad and provide renewed motivation for running. These races are also an effective way to get friends and family out–something that before recently, wasn’t likely to happen. Themed races offer anything from fun to unique challenges that will satisfy your craving for change and give you something new to look forward to.

Whether you prefer to be chased by zombies or train like you’re in the army, there’s a fun run for everyone. Here are 2014’s most uniquely exciting themed races…


1. Color Me Rad

Color Me Rad or The Color Run has exploded not only across North America over the last couple of years, but Europe and Australia too. This is likely due to how unique and fun the race is. Starting out with a stark white shirt, volunteers, and canons launch Color Bombs at racers. Each section of the 5K run has a different color, guaranteeing that by the end of it, your shirt, face, legs, and arms are covered in every color of the rainbow. It’s impossible to not be smiling and laughing when you cross the finish line–and for this reason, it’s one of 2014’s most vibrant themed races.


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