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10 Exercise Moves You Can Do Anywhere

It’s important to lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise. You should be strengthening and toning your muscles, and getting regular cardio. With busy lives and desk-prone jobs, finding the time and feeling motivated to exercise can be difficult. Whether you travel a lot, have a hectic schedule, or prefer to workout at home, there are tons of exercise moves that don’t require a gym pass or hours of your time.

A bonus to exercises that only require your own body weight and regular surroundings is that they can be just as challenging and beneficial–sometimes more so–as using expensive workout equipment. So skip your usual excuses and try these 10 exercise moves you can do anywhere…

1. Tuck Jumps

There are several variations of the tuck jump depending on your skill level. The basics are to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Squat slightly and jump straight up into the air, pulling your knees into your chest (or as close as you can) while wrapping your arms around them quickly and releasing on the way down. Land with your legs slightly bent to cushion your fall. Your next rep will be right from this position. Repeat 10-20 times. The tuck jump will get your blood pumping and legs burning, but be sure to do it on a carpeted or soft area to lessen the impact on your joints.


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