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Active Summer Activities for Family Fun

The pull of electronic games and social media is overwhelming, and at times, it seems impossible to get your family (and yourself) to look up from your phone to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Add to that the importance of staying active, and it can seem like quite the mountain to climb. Luckily, summer offers several opportunities to have fun with your family, while also getting everyone moving and active. As an added bonus, you’ll get quality bonding time and create memories with your brothers, sisters, kids and/ or spouse—something you’ll appreciate now and in the years to come.

So pry away the phones and game controllers, grab your family, and get out of your house to try these ten summer activities for family fun…

1. Hiking

An easy and wallet-friendly way to get out of the house and have fun with your family is to go hiking. Head to your local trails or forested park and spend the morning or afternoon hiking. Your whole family will get some much-needed cardio exercise, and at the same time, enjoy nature and its refreshing effects. Pack a simple picnic of sandwiches, fruit and water, and bring a bug, bird, plant or animal guide to identify things you come across on the hike—this is especially fun and educational for children.

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