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Type 2 Diabetes: Top Foods To Avoid

If you have diabetes, you likely already know the grocery aisle can be a minefield. While a lot of foods seem like they’re safe on the surface, that’s not so much the case when your blood sugar needs to be monitored closely.

Even “health” foods that are rich in vitamins can be a danger when it comes to spiking blood sugar, so your best ally is knowledge to know what to avoid. While some of these are somewhat surprising and some really shouldn’t be, here are 12 foods that are bad for type 2 diabetes…

1. Avoid Alcohol

Healthline.com says that people with diabetes should be “particularly cautious” when it comes to alcohol consumption, as alcohol can make complications from the disease worse by impacting liver function – particularly its role in regulating blood sugar.

The source also explains that alcohol can negatively interact with certain medications for diabetics. It suggests talking to your doctor about the best medication approach, even if you rarely drink alcoholic beverages.

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