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To Snack or Not to Snack: The Eating Before Bedtime Debate!

All nightmares about clowns in the closet and boogeymen under your bed aside—eating before bedtime keeps many of us up at night! Will that piece of pizza (or 3) completely throw your off your diet goals?Like most debates, eating before bedtime is not completely black or white. There’s a gray area of factors that largely impact disrupted sleep cycles, inefficient digestion, poor metabolism, and ultimately, dreaded weight gain. Let’s explore what medical experts have to say about eating before bedtime…

1. Your Snack of Choice

According to researchers from the Center for Obesity Research and Education, there is indeed a link between late night eating and weight gain. However, noshing near midnight (or after 8pm, according to many nutrition experts) may be a bigger no-no depending on what you snack on. For instance, we’re more likely to indulge on richer (cheesecake), fattier (potato chips), sugar-filled foods (chocolate) in front of the television—which we all know promotes mindlessly overeating, and ultimately contributes to weight gain.

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