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The 13 Worst Drinks in North America

There is a foolish misnomer that there are no fat and calories in beverages. However, it surprises many to find out that their breakfast smoothie or mid-day coffee drink contains more than 500 calories per cup. We all know that you need to burn more calories than you consume in order to lose weight. However, if you’re guzzling down half of your daily caloric intake in a frothy espresso or fizzy orange soda, you may have to reconsider cutting the following beverages from your diet.

Here are the 13 worst drinks in North America…

1. Beer

Mmmmmmmmmmm beer! There’s nothing like a cold, tall pint after a long hot day at work. However, when you consider that most beers top the charts at almost 200 calories a bottle—not to mention all of the empty carbohydrates from the hops and barley, you might consider opting for a glass of dry white wine, or better yet, a vodka and sparkling water with a twist of lime to refresh after a tedious workday.

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