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Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar is hard to resist – it lights up that pleasure center in your brain, which makes you want more. In fact, research has shown that the sugar you consume actually feeds Candida yeast and other unhealthy organisms hiding in your guts, which leads to more sugar cravings.

That means you can leave your inner ecology out of balance, which can lead to a host of health symptoms. Let’s take a look at 13 signs you’re piling too many sugary foods into your mouth…

1. You Crave Sugar Constantly

“The more sugar that you binge on, the more you feed Candida overgrowth. The more Candida overgrowth you have, the more you crave sugar. It’s a vicious cycle,” explains BodyEcology.com.

The source explains that the “good” bacteria (that you want around) compete for space in the guts with Candida, which is a natural way your body keeps the balance in check. If you’re not consuming the right foods or have depleted good bacteria due to other factors such as antibiotic use, then you could be opening the door to unhealthy microorganisms, it adds.

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