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Get Salty About These 8 Sodium-Filled Foods

We all need salt to function properly, but the problem is most foods have added sodium—lots of it—that can increase the risk of heart problems. TIME magazine says that 90-percent of Americans consume too much salt, and another problem is that many people may not realize just how much salt is in their favorite meals and snacks.

Even if the food doesn’t taste salty, it doesn’t mean it’s not loaded with it. In fact, some solitary meals can account for more than the 2,300-milligrams of salt that’s generally accepted as the maximum per day. Here are eight of the culprits to watch out for…

1. Bagels/Breads

Men’s Health says that even the innocent bagel can be a huge source of sodium, and it points to one option out there (we’ll say it’s from a popular donut chain, but to be fair the bagel has salt right in its name) that contains around 3,500-milligrams alone.

The source says if you insist on starting your day with a bagel, you should consider a store-bought onion bagel, as it has a more reasonable 380-milligrams of salt. Be sure to check the sodium content on loaves of bread too, as salt count can be particularly high on some brands (don’t think brown bread is always the healthiest).

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